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Garage Doors Repair Warwick RI - Brown Garage Door provides you with a one-stop shop for all your garage door requirements. The garage door is a significant part of your home. Occupying a major portion of the exterior of your home, the garage doors add up to its beauty and appearance. An elegantly designed garage door being properly functional and easily operational is a key factor in improving the curb appeal of your home. Apart from appearance, the garage door is also an important factor in making your home more secure by protecting a common entrance to your home.

Now, to make sure the complete functionality and smooth operation of the garage door, the choice of the right garage door opener plays the key role and hence, the right type of garage door opener must be selected to ensure a good experience with the garage door. Below mentioned are the types of garage door openers from which you can choose the one according to your requirement.


Types of Garage door openers

Three types of garage door openers are available which are mentioned below. There is another term associated with the garage doors which is the horsepower of the door. You must install a higher horsepower that can allow you to decrease the wear and tear on the motor that can, in turn, be highly beneficial for your garage door, hence increasing its life span. Different types of garage door openers are:


Belt Drive

The belt drive garage door opener can reduce the vibrations, and it involves a small amount of movable parts that are essential to the silent operation of the door. However, the opener requires a larger up-front investment. It doesn’t require any on-going maintenance. We need a rubber belt to open and lower the garage door whereas no metal on metal contact is required.


Screw Drive

The screw drive garage door opener involves plastic lined tracks and provides you with a relatively silent operation as it doesn’t have many moving parts that could create noise. To raise or lower the garage door, you require a threaded- steel rod in this case. Therefore, regular maintenance is required on the steel rod for lubrication.


Chain Drive

Chain drive is the third type of garage door opener that is the least expensive of all. However, it involves more moving parts and hence a noisy operation. There is a chain which is attached to the metal trolley. That chain is used to raise or lower the garage door. This garage door opener doesn’t need any on-going maintenance.



Garage Doors Repair Warwick RI - Brown Garage is the conclusion. Yes, whatever garage door opener you may require or whatever service you may require i.e. whether you want to install, repair or replace the garage door opener, the best possible option in front of you is our company. Just hire our services and we shall provide you with whatever service you require.

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